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ASLO-SFS 2020 Abstracts

Sadly, the ASLO-SFS 2020 Joint Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin was cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns, but the abstracts are now available for viewing at:

View the Abstract Gallery

Abstracts are organized by their first session choice and are also searchable by name and keyword.

We appreciate your enthusiasm for aquatic science: we had received over 1500 abstracts for the meeting. We also appreciate the work of many in planning the meeting, including the Program Committee, led by co-chairs Stephen Carpenter and Nancy Grimm. 

If you were going to be a presenter at the meeting and do not want your abstract to be public, please write to madsison2020@sgmeet.com with the title of your abstract and the abstract ID number from your submission confirmation with a request to exclude your work.

As abstract content is not peer-reviewed, please do not cite, copy, or quote. Because these presentations did not take place, these abstracts, or modified versions, may be presented at future meetings.




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